Vendor Application

Vendor Application


Aspasians Marketplace Vendor Application for the  SPRING 2019 event!


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Do you sell anything considered multi-level marketing or direct sales? Examples: scentsy, jamberry, lula roe, etc... If so, list the company in the box below so that we ensure that we don't have multiple vendors selling the same thing:
Vendor & Booth Details
If you're selected to participate, will you be staying at a local hotel?*
Have you been a Vendor at Aspasians Marketplace before?*
If you've participated before, do you want the same booth as last time? This is a COURTESY question, responses will be considered based on availability and application submission date.*
Which Set-Up Option do you want? If you have a trailer, you MUST set-up Friday Night. Overnight Security will be provided. *
Will you need to use a generator for your booth? Generators are typically NOT ALLOWED in the MAIN FAIR area, but are allowed in the Food Court area and will be considered in the Main Fair area on a case by case basis. Generators (if approved) are only allowed on the outside rows or in Food Court area. *
What Vendor Booth do you want? If you have a trailer, ensure that you select the right number of booths to fit your trailer. Food Court area if you're food cooked-on-site. Only pre-packaged food can be sold in the main fair area. Sidewalk Table Spaces on the south end by the tennis courts.
Will you be sharing your Booth with another Vendor?
If Sharing a Booth, provide Business Name & Contact Email for secondary Vendor:
Do you have a Trailer set-up? If so, please describe your trailer, size, dimensions, and which way it opens.
Food Vendors - please itemize ALL food/menu items that you intend to sell at the event in the box below. Please be specific and list all items.
Upload 1-2 Pictures of your Display & Products (Required):*
Any additional comments for consideration:
Do you agree to the Terms, Conditions and Guidelines of Aspasians Marketplace (listed below)?*
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Terms, Conditions & Guidelines


Payments will not be accepted until you are officially approved and invoiced. 

Vendor Review & Communication Timeline:

FEB 2 - FEB 15, 2019 - Vendor applications will be reviewed and considered for acceptance to participate.

FEB 16, 2019 - Vendors will be notified of status via email.  

  • If you're accepted to participate, you will be invoiced via Paypal. Payment is due by February 28, 2018 at Midnight. Payments accepted via PayPal or Check.

  • If you're put on the waitlist, you will be notified that you can wait to see if any spots open due to non-payment or cancellations.

FEB 28, 2019 - Payment due at Midnight or your booth will be forfeited and opened up to the next vendor on the Waiting List.

MAR 15, 2019 - Vendor Packets will be emailed to accepted vendors with detailed information about the event.

APR 27, 2019 - Aspasians Marketplace 9am - 5pm

Aspasians Marketplace Guidelines:

  • There are No Refunds, Exchanges, or Carry-overs to future events.
  • Vendors may not sell or giveaway bottled water.
  • Our event takes place rain or shine - no rain dates and no refunds.
  • Vendors must have a tent for their booth.
  • We only allow exclusives for Direct Sales and/or Multi-Level Marketing Booths (Scentsy, Jamberry, etc...). Applications are reviewed and placed on a first-come basis.
  • You may extend your display in front of your tent to the end of the white parking line (about 4').
  • Generators are only allowed in the Food Court Area or on the outside rows (A or F) and are considered/accepted on a VERY limited basis.
  • No pets.
  • Participation in a prior event does not guarantee space in future events or the same booth space.
  • Nothing may be staked or put into the ground.
  • Vendors will need to bring everything needed for display and sale of your work. We do not provide tables, chairs, umbrellas, electricity, tents, zip ties, tools, duct tape, etc...
  • Trailers must set-up on Friday between 5-6 pm, no exceptions.
  • Vendors may NOT take down or start packing up prior to 5:00 PM on Saturday. Vehicles may enter event area for take-down after 5:30 PM ONLY on Saturday. Violators will not be accepted to participate in future events.
  • Exhibitors must remove all trash and leave space swept clean. We sincerely appreciate all our vendors who take the time to clean up their booth area (including zip ties).
  • Aspasians Marketplace is a Family Friendly event - please ensure your merchandise does not contain vulgarity, explicit language, suggestive terms, or any other questionable content.

Food Vendors (Concessions & Pre-Packaged):

  • Must have a Rockwall Temporary Food Permit, including passing out food samples.
  • Food Vendors may not sell or giveaway bottled water
  • Food Vendors must have a tent for their booth.

Terms and Conditions:

Aspasians has the right to refuse to admit any exhibitor for any reason, at any time, even if the exhibitor has paid, we will not issue a refund. Aspasians reserves the right to reject any person or anything we feel is not in the best interest of the event, that may pose a risk of danger, may not be safe, may be harmful, or in any way not in the spirit of the event.  An exhibitors expressly agrees to all rules, lease arrangements, schedule, and guidelines.


Please check back on June 1st for the Vendor Application for our Fall 2019 event. 



Saturday, April 27, 2019

9am-5pm in Rockwall, Texas