What is Aspasians Marketplace?

Held twice a year, the Aspasians Marketplace (previously called Aspasians Arts & Craft Fair) is an event where vendors can display and sell their items. All proceeds from vendor  booth rentals and bottled water sales help provide scholarships to high school seniors and assist other local charitable causes. Thousands of shoppers come from throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to attend Aspasians Marketplace. Our event has traditionally been hosted on the historic Downtown Rockwall Square; however, due to current renovations to the Square, the Aspasians Marketplace has been temporarily moved to Wilkerson-Sanders Memorial Stadium. Since 2014, when the Square renovations began, we have hosted many fairs at the stadium  parking lot. We  estimate about 5,000 – 10,000 people attend the event. This location is highly visible and easily accessible from Interstate 30,  with plenty of public parking close to the event.